What Is Integrated Pest Management?

What is Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, is a procedure you can use to take care of nuisance issues while minimizing dangers to individuals and the earth. IPM can be utilized to deal with a wide range of vermin anyplace—in urban, rural, and wild land or regular zone.

Integrated Pest Control Service

With IPM, you take actions to keep pests from becoming a problem, such as by growing a healthy crop that can withstand pest attacks, using disease-resistant plants, or caulking cracks to keep insects or rodents from entering a building.

Rather than simply eliminating the pests you see right now, using IPM means you’ll look at environmental factors that affect the pest and its ability to thrive. Armed with this information, you can create conditions that are unfavorable for the pest.

IPM Programme

These IPM principles and practices are combined to create IPM programs. While each situation is different, five major components are common to all IPM programs:

  • Pest identification
  • Monitoring and assessing pest numbers and damage
  • Guidelines for when management action is needed
  • Preventing pest problems

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