Water Purifier Repair & Services Data

Why Is Water Purifier Repair is Required?

Water contains dissolved solids, impurities and germs which makes it unfit for consumption. RO purifiers clean and filter this impure water and make it ready for use. Reverse osmosis or water purifier is the most widely used water purification method. RO uses membrane technology to remove dissolved salts, impurities and germs from water. The semipermeable membrane of RO separates germs and dissolved chemicals from water.

aquaguard-water-purifier-250x250RO service should be done once every six months to receive clean and healthy water for consumption. In RO service the post and pre filters, membrane, water storage tank, water motor, pump, connecting pipes, and other part are checked and diagnosed for any fault. Faulty parts, if any, are replaced with new ones. Regular RO service maintains the quality and purity of water and prevent water borne diseases. RO service also keeps RO purifier in good shape.

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